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No matter what your profession, if you are a small business with employees or a individual self employed person, you can get a quote from our independent agent serving all residents of Massachusetts.

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Since Massachusetts mandated heath insurance was implemented, people have searched for the lowest premium plans expecting the highest payments from their plan for all health services.

What is the penalty if I do not buy health insurance?

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The math just does not work with that effort. The true low cost equals the sum of the premium plus all the co-pays and deductibles paid out over one full year

In Massachusetts, all health plans must have a cap called “Maximum out of Pocket Expense”. This may not exceed $5,000 an individual and $10,000 per family per year. We can now have comfort with a cap, and the focus may now shift toward the needs and the budget.
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What are the important issues in Massachusetts Health Care to know?

A. What are employers required to do under
the Massachusetts Health Care Reform law?

B. What are private–sector companies doing to
gain more control over their health care costs?

C. What are the penalties for small businesses
that do not provide health insurance?

D. What was the financial objective of MA
Health Care Reform and the results?

E. Does everyone in MA have to meet the MA Mandate?

F. Does the health insurance premium change if I am not self employed?

G. Affordable Care Act and it’s impact in Massachusetts

H. How has the National Health Care Reform impacted MA health insurance?


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I. What is Open Enrollment? National Health Care Reform and it’s impact in Massachusetts

J.What is Minimum Essential Coverage in Obamacare?

K. Open Enrollment

L. Who does not have to pay a penalty for not buying health insurance?

M. What are an HMOs and EPOs?

N. What is a Catastrophic Health Insurance Plan?

Massachusetts health insurance

The whole country knows about the national heath care mandate with so many comparing it to Massachusetts health insurance. Some real benefits have been provided in Massachusetts which most people enjoy. What is unpopular to some is the fact the there are penalties assessed for not having health insurance and requiring that MA residents have health insurance. The penalties can range from $228 to $1,212 per year depending on income.

These benefits must meet MA Minimal Creditable Coverage (MCC). Self employed small business people may obtain coverage on the first day of any month as long as they can show proof of being in business, such as a recent tax form.

They may also change insurance companies in any 30 day interval. People who are not self employed are limited by law and can only apply for health insurance from July 1st through August 15TH for start dates of August 1st or September 1st. This is call the Open Enrollment Period. The law permits enrollment outside of an open enrollment period under certain circumstances, such as, the loss of employer sponsored coverage or government-sponsored coverage.